Travel-and-Leisure The words inexpensive and airport terminal parking would never have been found in the same phrase some while back. Airport parking has often been expensive for many people over the years. It was also considered unsafe by many air travelers as the cars were left in open lots that were not manned. Anyone could go to the lot and do what they like to cars while parked at the airports. Though airport security is often tight, the focus is often at the terminals, so vandals had a field way back then. In the recent past the use of Air travel has became more popular and cheaper as more and more people opt to travel by air. This increase has also inadvertedly increased the need for automobile vehicle parking at airports. Luckily Airport parking firms realized this and took it upon themselves to seize the opportunity and offer airport park and ride services to meet this growing need. They started by buying and leasing large open spaces around the airport. The key features of the spaces they wanted had to be near or a ten minute drive from the airport terminal. The other thing they did was to secure the open spaces, put up an office, hire 24 hour staff, and for sites that were a little far from the airport, they got vehicles to transport customers to the airport terminal. Something else they looked out for was to lower their running expenses so that they could in turn reduce the cost of parking for their customers. As with any market, competition also brought in cost reductions, and visitors immediately found that they had a wide range of choices for airport parking, at very competitive prices. Some thing else that developed according to one Park and fly Auckland firm that I spoke to was the introduction of websites into this business. Many budget airport parking firms put up websites to sell their parking services and in a way this put the power back into the hands of customers, and expenses were reduced again. The last stage of growth has seen the increase of airport parking comparison sites, which are meant to help air travelers make a selection of available parking places and compare the prices. The Auckland firm I spoke to confirms this and summarizes by saying travelers using Auckland airport parking spaces have never felt it so good. In conclusion, automobile vehicle parking can now be arranged in advance, often leading to cheap airport parking for air travelers. A wide range of complimentary options have also cropped up to take the stress out of vehicle parking at most international airports. These include valet parking, where the vehicle owner drives to the airports terminal and a driver takes the car to the secured parking lot and only drives it back to the owner upon their return. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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