The first female pilot Yu Xu Chinese J-10 flight training at the expense of only 30 years old – Beijing yesterday, Yu Xu died in the pilot flight training. Yu Xu was born in 1986 in Sichuan, Chongzhou, joined the army in September 2005, the air force two pilots, flight captain. Picture the Xinhua News Agency Beijing News (reporter Zuo Yanyan) yesterday morning, the news that a plane China air force, the accident occurred during the flight, crashed in Hebei Tangshan Yutian County Chen Jia Pu Yang Pu Cun southwest, a female pilot died in the accident. Last night, micro-blog air force China official news release, November 12th, -10 fighter pilot Yu Xu, killed in flight training. Witness: the land is out of a pit plane hit yesterday morning, online news, two performances of aircraft accident in Tianjin over Wuqing, crashed into the territory of Hebei County of Yutian province. Chen Jia Pu Xiang villagers told the Beijing News reporter, the plane crashed in yesterday morning at about 10, in the midst of Yang Pu Cun village and the fields, hit a few meters deep pit. "Our factory is only 1 kilometers away from the accident, 10 points that would be, did not hear the sound of the explosion, a sudden power outage, I realized that the plane fell, the wire broke." Mr. Zhang said the villagers, after the ambulance arrived, the male pilots with the help of the car, and sent to Yutian County hospital. "The plane was flying from west to East, the two pilots, I heard that before the crash of the successful men parachuting, landing injuries, female pilots parachuting failure, sacrifice." Live video and pictures provided by the user, the male pilot leg bleeding, arms were bandaged emergency treatment. Color parachute hanging on the poles, the ground left the wreckage, dozens of rescue workers, get off to the scene. Official: Comrade Yu Xu killed condolences yesterday afternoon, reporters call the Yutian county hospital, emergency department staff, morning hospital sent a male pilots, the injury is not serious, but the female pilots have died. Chen Jia Pu rural village committee staff said that the scene was cordoned off, the township government is mainly responsible for the work in the rear, the official release of specific information needs, related to the cause of the accident and rescue progress do not disclose. Many netizens said the death of female pilots is Chinese first J-10 fighter pilot Yu Xu. Shortly after the incident, micro-blog, meritorious international test pilot Xu Yongling and military writer Fujun Yu Xu issued a document on the Colorado Liao sacrifice condolences. A man claiming to be Yu Xu’s friends told the Beijing News reporter: "the school that we are at the same table, today (12 days) the classmate told me over the phone the news is bad news." Last night, micro-blog air force China official news release, November 12th, -10 fighter pilot Yu Xu, killed in flight training. Air force spokesman Shen said that the air force, female pilot Comrade Yu Xu died in the flight training, we lost a good comrade in arms. The air force officers and soldiers to Comrade Yu Xu’s unfortunate sacrifice, deeply regret and condolences. Statistics show that Yu Xu 1986.相关的主题文章:

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