Christopher Westra is an author of many books and the creator of the "Holographic Creation" method of manifesting. He enjoys sharing light and love with thousands every day through his web sites. He received a Degree in Psychology from Brigham Young University. He met his wife Casandra in his last Psychology class and they graduated together and then got married shortly after. He has studied mental and physical health for over 25 years, and received his Doctor of Naturopathy Degree from the Clayton School of Natural Healing. He holds a Black Belt Degree in the Martial Art of Kyukido. Christopher lives in Gunnison Utah with his wife and five boys. He enjoys gardening, mountain running, reading, writing, and connecting people with ideas through the internet. Before becoming a full time writer and internet marketer, Christopher worked with troubled youth, and then as a counselor in a prison. He recently started the Perpetual Light Fund – – to help budding entrepreneurs and light workers across the world. The Light Fund gives a $100 award each month. Jinger: I’ve read your ebook, "I Create Millions". It’s really an incredible ebook with lots of solid tips on building your income and getting rich. Would you tell us how you got the idea for this ebook? Christopher: As you know, money is a topic people enjoy learning more about. The articles and items I created about money achieved popularity and I could actually track this through my website stats also. I desire to give people what they want, so I decided to write an entire book about creating wealth. The book contains 87 money mastery methods from me and from other authors. Now real wealth entails more than just money, and I desired to encourage people to go beyond materialism to the durable riches. These durable riches include spirit, relationships, emotions, family, and wholeness. People think they want money but they really want peace and loving harmony. Many of the money mastery methods help people to adopt this increased perspective on wealth, and understand themselves better. Of course people need concrete money management steps also, and I provide these in the book as well. My very favorite money mastery method is the one about "royalties" and "intellectual property". Owning something valuable that people pay to use (money, land, houses, ebooks), while you still retain ownership of the original capital, is the source of much of the world’s wealth. This type of wealth just keeps flowing back to you without compulsory means. My background is psychology makes connecting with people about wealth so much fun, because I know what people really want. I’m just like everybody else; we all want the same things. I’ve actually listed these "wants" on my I Create Reality Site. Jinger: Please give my readers a few tips on how to get started in business and building a million dollar income. Christopher: Sure, the two tips I provide for all beginners are 1) Follow what makes your heart sing and 2) Give true value and increased life for others. Following what makes your heart sing means doing what you love, as well as becoming involved in projects and businesses that match your talents, abilities, and interests. Don’t just copy other people and their "programs", but rather find your unique way to serve humanity. My nine year old boy loves making pots and wants to become a potter. I encourage him every way I can. If you want a successful business, then build it around your interests. I love writing articles and books about mind, spirit, and human potential, and I enjoy researching topics and then presenting them to others. Some of my boys may become internet marketers and writers, but I hope only if they truly enjoy writing, computers, and creating web sites. Secondly, don’t focus on the million dollar income, but rather focus on giving a million dollars worth of value. Think, "How can I give a million dollars worth of value to others over the next few years using my talents and interests?" People are only going to give you money if you give them something of value in return. The computer simply makes it easier because it’s possible to connect with thousands of people every day! The computer also allows you to set up automated value delivery systems (such as with my downloadable books), which you can’t do when you make pots one by one. Whatever your interests, just start! Take those first steps in boldness and confidence. Jinger: What marketing technique do you find to be the most effective, and how do you use it? Would you tell us one or two of your best marketing tips? Christopher: I’ve experimented with many marketing techniques and they all work to some extent. I use viral books and tell a friend forms and mind puzzles and split testing and lots of strategies. The marketing technique most effective for my business is simply building a big list of subscribers to my daily newsletter. Instead of a customer seeing a sales page and either buying your book or not buying, you persuade them to subscribe to a valuable newsletter. In this way, you now can email them directly, with their permission! My I Create Reality newsletter is actually a short daily one, and this is too often for some people and they unsubscribe. But on the other hand, thousands and thousands of others read my short inspirational message every single day. I want to provide a bit of motivation and spirit in their inbox to counteract all the negative they receive each day! One tip on getting more subscribers is to use more than one form. I collect subscribers from over 30 different pages on multiple sites for my I Create Reality Newsletter. For my Internet Profits Newsletter, I have about eight subscription forms now on separate pages. Another tip is to use a different form on each page so you can measure the actual numbers and percentages of people who sign up. For example, my subscription form on my "quantum physics" article page displays a 13 percent sign up rate, whereas the form on the "invisible power" page gets almost twice the sign ups at 25 percent! Then you study the pages and ask "Why"? You can learn so much from this. Jinger: What trends do you see in internet marketing? What do you see in the future of internet marketing? Christopher: I foresee a huge increase into additional health, alternative health, and beauty products. Alternative health will provide great opportunities for those who can anticipate changes and respond quickly to changes. I’m a believer in and consumer of alternative health products and plan to get into this field more myself with some good affiliate programs! Consumable products allow a good internet marketer to gain continued income from one good referral. Even my 14 year old boy pointed out to me the value of consumable products, explaining how people will order the same item again and again. Another trend I see is an increasing difference between unskilled affiliates and skilled affiliates. An unskilled affiliate merely provides a link to a product. On the other hand, the skilled affiliate "educates" the consumer about the product (and the benefits), and "primes" the consumer and THEN provides a contextual link! In order to succeed as an affiliate, you must "pre-sell" the customer so that the desire for the product grows. One product I promote (as an affiliate) enjoyed success from the very first try. I’ve sold hundreds and hundreds of this high-priced item over the last two years, and thought a lot about why this product enjoyed such success. The reason is that I (unknowingly but sincerely), did a super job at mentally preparing people to visit the other site. All I did is share my love for the product, do some education, and give my results. Jinger: What projects are you currently working on, and where do you plan to take your business from here? Christopher: One fun project in development is "Make Your Day Light Cards". These cards will contain beautiful pictures and inspirational sayings, and can be sent electronically to your friends and family to "Make Their Day." This project will require me to learn about databases and dynamically generated web pages, so it’s good I like to learn new skills! I’m also working on seven chakra meditations with images and sound, about 60 seconds each, to help in balancing, spinning, and harmonizing the chakras. Ideas float all over, and I have pages of ideas. Several of my friends (other internet marketers) have sponsored Perpetual Light Fund Awards of $100 each, and allowed me to expand that project! I intend to build up my Light is Real site with articles and resources until people come to that site first for their light worker studies and needs. I also involve my older boys in projects, including income generating projects (that excites them). They create downloadable items, teach me graphics, and sometimes collect stats. I plan to further involve them in the business as they are interested. On a personal note, one project I’m working on is to move my office upstairs. Right now I’m just in part of a big open room downstairs and while I love the visits from my boys most of the time, sometimes it’s just too much! So we will convert a study/library into an office with a little more privacy and I’m so excited. About the Author: Jinger Jarrett is the author of "Internet Marketing For Free: The GUIDE" ..askjingernow.. (on Amazon). 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