The former Miss Hong Kong Pageant for the title Monica Chan exposure shady lie as guests wronged Liang Peihu according to Hongkong media reports, recently 89 years Gangjie runner up Liang Peihu as guests, the exposure shady in the variety show beauty, serve with her champion Monica Chan illegal shooting magazine cover, after public grievances as tears. Liang Peihu admits that beauty pageant rules strictly, not privately accept media interviews, she said: "I find magazine cover shoot at that time, I did not dare to promise each other, and I said Monica Chan shot, I did not believe that, but then did not think is true." Liang Peihu remember that was discovered, Monica Chan argued that the former model for the election of the company to shoot the old phase, but also excited tears loaded injustice. Again that year old, asked Liang Peihu worried that Monica Chan will be angry? She said: "just say something is already a thing of the past, and I also have some inside, if you do not say I will have heart disease, it is almost 50 years old, how will be angry." In the program, Liang Peihu revealed that recording for Scarlett conduct evaluation review, she exposed themselves often hiding in the toilet and her boyfriend talking on the phone. The law is still a violation of the title, can not be reconciled? Liang Peihu said: "no, I did not expect to win, 300 degrees myopia, I do not dare to wear stealth, also took the stage dislocation, the third have been very happy."相关的主题文章:

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