The highest annual salary of 250 thousand! Changzhou Economic Development Zone started high level talent introduction plan yesterday, Changzhou evening news reporter learned from the Changzhou Economic Development Zone, around the leading industry development and the introduction of investment project, Changzhou Economic Development Zone will start the high-level personnel plan. It is understood that these high-level talent concentrated in the modern industry, international trade, science and technology services and other industries. At present, Changzhou open area of 9282 enterprises, including 203 foreign enterprises, vigorously develop rail transportation, smart grid, new materials, green motor industry, initially formed a pattern of 3+3+3 industry, need a large number of high level talents in the development process. After the opening of the Changzhou area to start high-level talent introduction activities, the first batch of senior project managers will be recruited 15 senior talents, is responsible for the development and implementation of investment plans, investment activities and other organizations. The first batch of 150 thousand yuan minimum annual salary of top talent, the highest annual salary of $250 thousand. It is understood that the opening of the first high-level personnel in Changzhou will be introduced in mid October, the details please visit the Jiangsu Economic Development Zone, Changzhou, or telephone contact: 89863303. (Xu Libo, Lv Hongtao)相关的主题文章:

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