The horse Xiansheng box store exposed cash to elderly customers troubled more recently, the media exposed the "horse box Xiansheng" store can not use RMB cash check message. Yesterday, Shanghai TV reporter came to the supermarket to find out that bill or you need to download the APP, through the Alipay settlement. But the shop said, ready to open RMB cash payment service in next week. Come and listen to Shanghai tv. Can’t you get cash now? At present we are using the box horse APP checkout) morning, the reporters came to Daning Xiansheng box horse shop again, the cashier said the waiter or only use APP to pay. Some consumers said that the store does not receive cash, does cause trouble for the elderly. (Customer: old people do not play mobile phone is certainly not easy to   see this thing to go can not buy) as a membership store in Malaysia Xiansheng shopping box, first download the APP registered members, and then through Alipay checkout to pay. The store rejected RMB cash, suspected of violating the relevant provisions of the "Regulations" of RMB, box horse Xiansheng said, will open RMB cash payment channels in the next week. (Yi Ming box horse Xiansheng PR Manager: we have to discuss emergency cash payment service will be opened next week and help them become our member consumers convenient to buy some people or foreigners without Alipay opened Alipay is difficult by him to pay us by our support for him to pay cash) hot news: the Wuzhong Road line starting today the program started in 2017 in Shanghai Pingliang west block of the old final complete lasted 11 years, involving 17 thousand households in Baoshan third parks built next year greening area of over 260 thousand square meters of 17 Shanghai mountains in Western Zhejiang lost tour pal including 4 German students in Pudong bus suddenly out of control into the opposite lane caused 3 dead 1 injured (Figure) weather forecast: Shanghai today rain a minimum of 14 degrees to 11 degrees temperature on Wednesday相关的主题文章:

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