The men’s 28 year collection of one hundred fire extinguishers are engraved with the original title for the Phoenix Fire Extinguisher: Men 28 years of hundreds of pieces of fire extinguisher "longevity" is fire bombs (map) "your love is like a flame, my heart is burning……" Qigihar residents have a special interest in the collection of fire extinguishers, this collection is 28 years. Collect fire extinguishers to leave their own want to read Yu Dehai in 1982 after the army, into the fire department. Fire, natural fire extinguisher. Since then, in the beginning and the fire extinguisher official contact. In older than second years of work, the fire extinguisher has been eliminated after the demolition into the furnace in destruction. Looking at only a raging fire extinguisher is put in, in the heart suddenly poured out a hint of sadness. All destroyed, who will remember them? At that moment, in the mind out of an idea: fire extinguisher. Record the development process of the fire extinguisher, but also give yourself a thought! A pair of "old Shouxing" is actually a lot of old objects in the collection of fire bombs, which have a pair of "Old God of longevity", in the old memory, "Shou" in his work in the first ten years of age has been produced, nearly half a century. "Longevity" is fire bombs, encountered the fire, can put it into the fire in the fire. "I have a pair of" longevity "in front of the desk, look beautiful, can also remind me that fire safety." With the passage of time, in the unit of "longevity" gradually disappeared, leaving only his desk the pair has become worthy of the name "shouxing". For the old in this special hobby, guys just started to feel very fresh, gradually infected. "A lot of friends to see the old fire extinguishers, all the way to send me back." Whenever this happens, while always cheerfully pulling friends for a meal to celebrate. In the old collection of experiences, "TM" and "discount" is often the case. As long as they are willing to give, for the line, buy also line. Looking for hand carved on the dragon fire extinguisher for 28 years in the 3 generation of dehay nearly 100 pieces of fire extinguishers, including carbon dioxide, powder, liquid and carbon tetrachloride in 1211 kinds, dolphins, sharks, fountains, waterfalls and iron fan and other brands, some of which brand in the market now long gone. These fire extinguishers are of different shapes and capacities ranging from 0.5 kg to 100 kg. "I’m looking for a fire extinguisher 2 kg capacity recently, hand carved dragon and Phoenix, the only fire extinguisher I was thinking of many years." Retiring old has his own plans: "I want to start a fire fighting equipment shop, so that I can with the ‘old friends’ together!" Yu is also preparing to apply to join the China collectors association, "if you can approve my application, I will be the first person of Qiqihar fire equipment!" Here, in the face filled with a smile of happiness. Liu Binghaiwang () source: Heilongjiang Morning News相关的主题文章:

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