The Mid Autumn Festival is one family to flood 8 year old girl injured parents disappeared beneath her quilt body has no one intact skin, whether it is on the face, arm or leg, everywhere is a blood red. Even in her sleep, she sometimes called "good pain ah" I want to see mom and dad"…… Yesterday morning, the reporter in the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University in the hospital to see a mountain torrents due to the impact of the injured girl of the age of 8, she is suffering a huge pain. The doctor on duty, the girl suffered severe crush injury, her rib fractures, head injuries, soft tissue and lung contusion, there is the risk of infection, and kidney, lung, brain and other organ damage needs further observation. Her vital signs are relatively stable and clear. Yesterday afternoon, the hospital for her first debridement, and sent to the child ICU observation treatment. "Taishun urban road barrier, we are through Fujian. First, the people’s Hospital of Cangnan did not see people, said to be sent to the urban area, 3 in the morning to see the child was covered with silt, people are not clear." The child’s relatives, Mr. Zheng said. One family in the Mid Autumn Festival to visit the road bed in distress aside, the girl’s grandmother Yang lady burst into tears, but not out of fear of waking granddaughter, just sobbed into. "On mid autumn day, at seven or eight, I called my son to ask him where he was going to eat. Soon, I received a phone call from the village committee, said my granddaughter was sent to the hospital, let me confirm." The girl surnamed Zheng, mid autumn day with her parents to drive from Taishun to Xi Zhen Si three Quebec town grandmother eat family reunion dinner. "I told my granddaughter awake, they drove to a tunnel, they found the road parking lot in Sheung Shui, out of the car, the car may be flooded walk. Three people throw out hand in hand along the road to walk, but then a wave of water hit was washed away." Save the girl Cangnan kingsuper civil defense rescue center pioneers Chen Xiaozhou said, they are more than 4 points the day before yesterday afternoon, the girl found the rocky beach in Taishun Ocean near the mouth of the tunnel under the road about a stream of. "We first saw on the stone beach is a car that was washed away by the debris flow, that there are people who want to go to the rescue. A closer look at the mud was found not far from a man lying in the water." At that time, the girl was unconscious, but she was not covered by a heavy object. More than a dozen people involved in the rescue, the child onto the stretcher. "On the stretcher, the child woke up and said she was with mom and dad. After she was sent to the 120 ambulance, we continued to search for her parents, but so far has not been found." Chen Xiaozhou said: the girl next to the car is not her family’s car, suspected her family’s vehicle is still near the tunnel mouth, has been buried by flash floods." It is understood that the girl’s parents are Taishun County second Sixi town primary school, the girl in the school. Contact reporter was removed to the family finally in distress in front of people, girl teacher Chen said: "on that day at 11:46 I received her mother Liu’s phone, she said their car and a dozen cars together, stuck in the bamboo ocean tunnel, asked me to help them)相关的主题文章:

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