Marriage-Wedding Tending to hundreds of details and making thousands of decision for a one-day event is too much. On the day itself, you are then expected to smile and to enjoy while there might be a million things going on your mind. What if the cake doesn’t arrive? Will the food be enough for everybody? Which song did we pick for our first dance again? The craziness of the occasion may get into your head but then there’s one wedding accessory sure to make your wedding day worry-free at least for the most part. No need to purchase, everything you need is right there and then in your household. We’re talking about the wedding emergency kit. Each bride should have one to carry around during the festivities. Especially re.mended for couples tying the knot in a faraway destination or an out-oftown wedding, the kit should contain everything a bride needs to survive a wedding. Round up your items in your house and make your own wedding emergency kit. What’s inside: -Safety pins and adhesive tape, needle and thread, preferably in white, black and the entourage’s outfit’s color, wet wipes, stain-removal stick and lint remover, scissors, cutter, stapler, twist ties and double sided adhesive tape -Band-aids, aspirin, antacid and pain relief medication -Extra corsage with pins, extra white handkerchief, extra piece of lace or fabric -Bride’s personal necessities like sanitary napkins and tampons, hand lotion, deodorant, powder, set of make up for touch up, hair clips, hair pins and hair spray, toothpaste and toothbrush, dental floss, nail polish and the ever-important earring backs -A bottle of water, pack of crackers or a small snack and candies handy for those long hours before dinner time. -A list or mini-directory of the names, addresses and contact numbers of wedding suppliers and .anizers. Include the contact people in the church, catering services, photography studio and other important people taking part in the event. Special medications for either the bride or groom should also be kept with reach any time. Place everything that is needed in a handy bag or box to be carried to the church and reception in case of emergency. Other weather-specific items can also be included in the kit, like extra gloves or scarf during winter and for summer, an umbrella, sun block lotion and lip balm. Even if you go up side down with your wedding list, perfection isn’t a plausible word in weddings. What’s left to do is to expect the unexpected and cherish the wonderful day made for you and the love of your life. You’ve got a whole other life to look forward to so don’t stress out on the small stuff. There’s nothing more stressful than to have an entire event go wrong over a petty problem which could have been remedied with the right tools. So if you’re aiming for a stress-free wedding, make your own wedding emergency kit and save the smiles for the photos. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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