The new Mercedes Benz E level long wheelbase car thermal explosion [Southern Guangzhou news] September 8, 2016, Mercedes Benz E level long wheelbase car since August 22nd officially listed in Beijing, has attracted enthusiastic attention of the market. In order to make the majority of customers are smart southern charm by the new long wheelbase E car for the first time, Mercedes Benz south to dealers around the partner, the passion passion of the new E class car market following the August 27th March: the first station in Shenzhen Pangbo played after just 15 days, Foshan, Changsha Xiamen City Southern "E" should be called 100, 100 dealer partners in the 56 city held successively listed activities, and millions of customers gongxiangshengju. Tonight, the new Mercedes Benz E level long wheelbase car market in the Southern District Center, Guangzhou. Passionate E car played, the Southern District listed the big celebration boom pushed to the peak. The new long wheelbase E car launched a total of three pre listed first Zhen sharing models, respectively, E 200 L, E 300 L and E 300 are L luxury cars and sports cars, provide two kinds of style, MSRP was RMB 436, 800 yuan, 474800 yuan and 499. 800 yuan. The new long wheelbase E car, listing ceremony, "smart" again featuring the protagonist. The one and only "comprehensive intelligent custom" interactive experience, let the guests feel with the new long wheelbase E car "wisdom" of like-minded wonderful way of life. Intelligent robot everywhere visible in every busy experience area, intelligent guide, smart, intelligent and photographer bartenders to guests to easily interact with artificial intelligence, forward-looking technology, shows the intelligent technology under the guidance of the future picture of life to the guests, but also reflects the new E car design, intelligent and intelligent internet intelligent driving side. "8 months of 2016, Mercedes Benz to China consumer delivered 303619 new cars (including smart), an increase of 32%, achieved forty-second consecutive months of growth. Such success cannot do without the dealers and our common efforts to continuously improve the customer experience and customer service service optimization, inseparable localization strategy with our more solid." Mr. Li Hongpeng, senior executive vice president of Beijing Mercedes – Benz Sales & Service Co., said, "as the core of the Mercedes Benz brand, the new long wheelbase E car as we went a step further in the way of domestic examples. It is based on the concept of "made in China, exclusive China" at the beginning of design and development to meet and exceed the expectations of Chinese customers. As a new major global smart car "from the E class car since the end of August listing has been harvested from the market, the media and dealers enthusiastic feedback, which also allows us to believe that this car will be the backbone of society and encourage more."   "the new long wheelbase E car to intelligent design will be luxurious atmosphere and top technology perfect fusion; build vehicle intelligent interconnection technology and innovative thinking; provide driver assistance and safety protection measures to the active ability of observation, judgment and thinking, is well deserved".相关的主题文章:

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