The Silk Road in 3000, organic vegetables three thousand meters – Gansu Channel – October 7 Lanzhou Xinhua (Liu Haitian Du Yuxin) in Gansu, the silk road stretches more than 3000. Among them, the Silk Road through Wuwei city in Tianzhu County, the average reached an altitude of 3000 meters, is known as "the highest of the silk road". Vegetables produced here, are typical of the plateau summer vegetables, nutrition is sufficient, good quality. Known to the world of Wushaoling, Jin Qiangchuan river flowing quietly for thousands of years, bid farewell to the old inn, ushered in the new world. Supply and marketing cooperatives in Gansu Province under the organization of the development of organic vegetable industry cooperation of local people, let the old Yellow Plateau, for the green city. Xuefeng source agricultural products company, is engaged in such business. The company’s production base and business premises, is located in Qiangyi village Dachaigou town area, Yishanbangshui, superior terrain. "In the snow capped mountains, near the farmland; organic vegetables, open source of wealth; rich people, countries like." Zhu Yanjiang, the chairman of the company, is not only an entrepreneur, but also a poet. The vision of the Henan courageous and knowledgeable man, keen to discover the Wushaoling opportunity, create a new world. He often said: "the Silk Road in 3000, three thousand meters of organic vegetables." This sentence, both full of his feet on the land of love, but also full of his hands on the cause of pride. He explained that the Tianzhu County special geographical location, fertile soil, abundant water. Due to the large temperature difference between day and night, sunshine time is long, fewer pests and diseases, organic fertilizer and other favorable reasons, the quality of vegetables produced here is very good, no chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other pollution, is a true green organic vegetables. Organic vegetables produced in the three thousand meters altitude area, has been the source of the Xuefeng company’s flagship product, is also a key project in Zhu Yanjiang. Today’s achievement is a little bit of Zhu Yanjiang and his partners to find out. Just over time from Henan, Zhu Yanjiang on the plateau for lettuce. A local sheep uncle saw, very kindly reminded him: "young man, don’t worry. This place, in addition to all kinds of live barley. I’ve met a couple of times." Well, Zhu Yanjiang thanked the old man did not flinch, but more cautious. He took the first and then transplanted seedling and other measures, finally in the fields lettuce for success. Compared to the past for barley, now the output value is much higher in lettuce. This let the villagers laugh, think income has not only hope, and is steadily becoming reality. The growth in the plateau compatriots, it is a big happy event. Zhu Yanjiang is not satisfied, he has a new idea. The original source, Xuefeng production base is located in a large slope. Jin Qiangchuan’s River, from this big slope slowly down, all the way through the nearby farmland. Zhu Yanjiang felt that this natural infiltration effect is limited, the need for a certain degree of artificial water conservancy construction, so that the effect of irrigated farmland better. So, he plans in the chuanbian laying water pipes, the water can be more smooth into cultivated land, make vegetable better quality and higher yield, accelerate the pace of poverty of the local. Zhu Yanjiang, due to the existence of the gentle slope, just laying pipe, water)相关的主题文章:

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