The Sino Korean trade volume fell by nearly 15% has declined for two consecutive years in Liaoning city of Dandong province of the Sino Korean friendship bridge witnessed the vicissitudes of history and the contacts between the two countries in 2015 bilateral trade amounted to $5 billion 434 million (about 35 billion 720 million yuan), down 14.7%. According to the Broadcasting British Corporation website reported on January 31st, Yonhap said, specifically, Chinese of North Korea’s exports amounted to $2 billion 946 million, down 16.35%; China since North Korea’s imports amounted to $2 billion 484 million, down 12.58%. Yonhap reported that bilateral trade scale since 2013 after reaching a peak, two consecutive years of decline. Reported and quoted analysts said, this is North Korea in 2013 to conduct a third nuclear test and executed Zhang Chengze, vice chairman of the National Defense Commission, China DPRK relations caused by cooling. Reported that, at the beginning of this year, North Korea’s latest nuclear test again, Pyongyang is known as the bomb test, although China is North Korea’s main ally, but Beijing has condemned Pyongyang’s latest nuclear test. Another Japanese media quoted government sources as saying that North Korea is the East barn launch launching long-range ballistic missile preparations. Reported that the DPRK nuclear test triggered the US led the United Nations to strengthen sanctions against Pyongyang and North Korea sent 29 senior diplomats to Russia, may even send senior diplomats to China, this seems to be looking for allies to support the United Nations Security council.

中朝贸易额同比减少近15% 已连续两年下降 位于辽宁省丹东市的中朝友谊桥见证了中朝两国交往历史的变迁   2015年中朝双边贸易总值为54.34亿美元(约合人民币357.2亿元),同比减少14.7%。   据英国广播公司网站1月31日报道,韩联社称,具体来看,中国对朝鲜出口额为29.46亿美元,同比减少16.35%;中国自朝鲜的进口额为24.84亿美元,同比减少12.58%。   韩联社报道说,中朝双边贸易规模自2013年达到高峰后,连续两年处于下降趋势。报道并引述分析称,这是朝鲜于2013年强行进行第三次核试验并处决国防委员会副委员长张成泽后,中朝关系趋冷所致。   报道称,今年初朝鲜进行了最新一次的核试验,平壤称是氢弹试爆,中国虽然是朝鲜的主要盟友,但北京谴责了平壤最新的核试验。   另外日本媒体引述政府消息人士的话称,朝鲜正在东仓里发射场推进发射远程弹道导弹的准备工作。   报道称,朝鲜核试验引发美国带头推动联合国加强对平壤制裁,朝鲜29日派遣高级外交官员到俄罗斯,甚至可能派遣高级外交官员到中国,此举似乎是在寻求联合国安全理事会盟国支持。相关的主题文章:

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