"Happiness" formula two generation strength actor conference exhibition happiness square Tencent Entertainment City warmth topic of drama "happy formula" took nearly three months later, finally close to fixing. The play by the Zhejiang branch pictures produced, Dong Li served as director and producer, Ah Lei Gua, Dong Yong, Huang Jue, Liu Yihan, Shu Yan, Ziqi Zhao, Liu Wenzhi, Xu Huanshan starring actress, describes the widowed old age Song Yuhua (Ah Lei Gua ornaments) copy from rolia and three children between the warmth of the story. The play revolves around the theme of "happiness", include nowadays many hot topics, such as the relationship between husband and wife, mother and daughter relationship, the survival of the workplace, family violence, love and marriage, elderly maintenance, happy life, everything can cause a strong response from the audience, called the year of warmth drama. In September 6th, the theme of "a feeling of happiness, happiness well" TV drama "happiness formula" press conference held in Jiangsu zhenze. Producer and director Dong Lixie Huang Jue, actor Ah Lei Gua, Liu Yihan, Shu Yan, Li Chang, Wu Yanshu, Zhou Meiyi, Gao Hao, Chen Yinuo debut, wish this warmth drama successfully completed. It is worth mentioning that, as the conference held in Zhenze, at the same time and in the shooting and Ah Lei Gua played the role of Song Yuhua’s hometown, is of extraordinary significance. Conference, Zhenze town Party Secretary Lu Bin on behalf of a government, sent to the local silk production stills silk paintings to commemorate the crew for the crew, the picture symbolizes "formula" and the crew Zhenze friendship happiness, full of sincerity. Ah Lei Gua Huang Jue led the big tear in the drama Empty Nester Song Yuhua played by Ah Lei Gua, she has starred in it all over the country "Palace", "orange red", "hot 2" law drama, is fully deserve "old drama of bone". The play by Song Yuhua, who was a primary school teacher, even retired, but also do not want to rest, continue to work in the post of teachers, cram school for children math. But since his wife died of a heart attack after her world began a variety of problems ensue, earth crumbles, in what way to spend their life has become the biggest problem facing her. The conference site, the "mother" men, Ah Lei Gua said when I read the script, the husband to say that this character is her, because they are the same as the children of broken heart. As for "happiness formula", she said: "first, the principle of dignified and imposing man, then give my life at ease, happiness is the best." Song Yuhua’s son, Shen Yue from power as Dong Yong, the tough guy "in the case of six groups", "Peking no war", "marshal Peng Dehuai", "Han Emperor 3" with the strength to conquer the numerous audience, he tore the "tough guy" label, deputy director in a subversive image reserved and the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau office, whether it is work or life, he will always be a paradoxical honest man. He can order the sick father-in-law to the size of the house also by the wife call the shots, but when his father was dying when news came in the future and the home front, but he luck chose the former, not personally for his father put his eternal pain. Had "fallen", "相关的主题文章:

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