The version of "ghost chuideng" boot director said that visual effects as "Pirates of the Caribbean" the appearance of "ghost chuideng Dragon Ridge cave fans" boot ceremony by the "national" time Reuters witness director not directed by "ghost chuideng" trilogy of "ghost chuideng" Dragon Ridge cave fans in Shanxi, Japan Xinzhou City, Hequ province low-key boot, but not appear outside at the ceremony, the performers were appeared, he had an interview has revealed that the trilogy will enable all new investors, is valued in this project, in after reading the script, but also increased the production costs doubled. The bank said that the script maturity far beyond his previous "universal witnessed" and "watchmen", he will increase the visual effect, that is the pursuit of "the" Pirates of the Caribbean "," rise of the planet of the apes the "visual effects", "there is a gap, but we will try to reduce the". Talking about the trilogy will enable all new, he said: "I before the film and television works are made by the big coffee actor, want to make a change this time. Chinese movies need fresh blood. Because we have long been dependent on the stars, suppress the new head, but every star is from the new. Now, I have a very influential IP, coupled with the advantages of my creation in the script, as well as investment and the strong support of the issuer, these factors prompted me to make up my mind to enable all new. If successful, you can bring a wealth to the current Chinese film, is to bring more choices to the audience and the industry." It is reported that "people witnessed" after the success of Daniel Lee version of "Tomb notes" had been looking for him to shoot, but the two sides in the specific shooting mode, scale, money, are controversial, not chose to withdraw, to join another tomb IP "ghost chuideng" trilogy.相关的主题文章:

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