Advertising These days almost everyone has a website but most business websites simply do not do what they were intended to do, which is convert visitors into buyers. This problem is because of three factors. The first factor is that many websites are poorly designed, which has a greater impact than you may think because if your visitors dont find your website interesting right away, chances are that they will simply move on to the next website. The second factor is that most websites are designed and the copy is written to appeal to the managers of the company rather than their visitors. This may make the owners feel warm and fuzzy, but when a website doesnt effectively communicate the right message to the visitors who are capable of making a buying decision, it is useless. The third factor is that many websites present because they don’t provide their contact information. So how can you ensure that your website does an effective job of presenting a powerful and trust-worthy image for your business? You can start by following the following three steps: 1. Hire a professional website design company. Your nephews girl friend may be willing to design your website for two hundred dollars, but you be getting a two hundred dollar website which certainly will not present the type of image that you need. When you work with a web design company , you will spend more cash initially, but it will pay off in increased revenue thanks to a more effective design, improved usability and increased search engine exposure. 2. Hire a professional copywriter. You know your industry inside and out, but what may seem like basic concepts to you may seem like quantum physics to other people. A professional copywriter has the education and skills to present your message in a clear and compelling manner, making it easy for your visitors to understand why they should do business with you instead of your competition . 3. Include all necessary contact information. It may surprise you to know that some people will actually call you or stop by your office if they have access to this information. Imagine that! Instead of viewing this as an unnecessary hassle, think about how much easier it will be to convert these prospects to customers when you can speak directly with them. It also helps to make your business appear more trust-worthy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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