Thirty-third: Bai Baihe Zhao Wei Hsu Chi popular movie hundred flowers "flowers" struggle — entertainment channel — original title: Bai Baihe Zhao Wei Hsu Chi "flowers" struggle "" catch demon "dear Bai Baihe" Zhao Wei "Hsu Chi dragon tactic" yesterday, the twenty-fifth session of the Chinese Golden Flower Movie Festival and the thirty-third popular movie hundred flowers in Beijing held a press conference to announce the nominations for the award. This award set best film, best screenplay, best director, best actor, best actress, best supporting actor, best supporting actress and best newcomer eight awards, the film "dear", "Ji" and "catch demon dragon tactic" each received six nominations, winning become popular. It is reported that the film festival will be held in Hebei, Tangshan from September 21st to 24, it will host the opening ceremony, including film festivals, film academic activity and a series of special activities. From the application of domestic film, will be selected 51 screenings, including 15 film cast members in the film festival will be held during the media will meet the audience. In addition, the festival also attracted more than 20 countries and regions, a total of 28 film exhibitors. From May 17th to August 10th this year, the Organizing Committee organized the award of audience voting activities, through online voting, ballot paper etc., the statistics obtained the top five popular movie Hundred Flowers Award nomination votes, will award ceremony was held in the afternoon of September 23rd, focus on the recognition of the nomination. The award of the various awards "best" award ceremony, consisting of 101 spectators in the final assessment committee voted. The ceremony grand journey from CCTV6 live. After the conference, the media recently awards frequency is produced "egg yolk" question, the Organizing Committee of the relevant responsible person said, "egg yolk" is often upset: "for the vigorous development of the Chinese films, two years once," eggs "are too few," "too much yellow yellow egg egg four. From the more than 1 thousand movie named best, it is hard to say is absolute, justice is relative." The Committee stressed that the award after the audition, network, media and audience of multiple rounds of selection, the possibility of "egg yolk" is very small, but it is not absolute, can only try to make scientific selection. (Wang Li) the thirty-third Volkswagen Hundred Flowers Film Award nominations for Best Film Award nomination (part) "" "" dragon tactic "wolf" catch demon "Sherlock" worry "the sun burning heart" Best Director Award nomination for ur good ("dragon tactic") and Xu Chengyi ("Wu Jing" catch demon) ("wolf") Peter Chan ("dear Guan Hu") ("old gun") Award for best actor nomination ("Jing Bairan" Deng Chao (CATCH) "sun burning heart" (Feng Xiaogang) "old gun") and William Feng ("Wolf Totem") Huang Bo ("dear") Award nomination for best actress Bai Baihe ("remember" Xu Qing (CATCH) "old gun") Yu Nan ("wolf"))相关的主题文章:

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