This money is who sent a friend’s wedding was a thirty thousand yuan lottery scratch in recent years, the lottery is quietly becoming the wedding in the "regulars": the new people return to guests, are from the past often send smoke, wedding, candy and small gifts gradually evolved into a lottery. However, recently in Shandong Weihai, "wedding color" has led to a dispute: the wedding groom sent 30 tickets for Xiaojiang, one of which was his father-in-law’s friend Ms. Cong scraped prize of 30 thousand yuan! After paying a tax 24000 yuan left, Ms. Cong loaded with a total of four thousand yuan of red envelopes to the new couple, he left a $20 thousand two. Since then the dispute: the bride believes that although the lottery is received by Ms. Cong, but it is the groom to buy, alone to take away the prize is not appropriate. Who will be awarded the lottery prize? Because of the things, so this should be happy to gain a winning message, did not think the lottery has become a "hot potato": the bride to the lottery, Ms. Cong did not agree, the two sides each one sticks to his argument. Sent to the lottery lottery, bonuses which should be returned to the party? The incident caused a heated debate on the internet. Some netizens said that the couple will give the lottery to others, but also means that the opportunity to win prizes to others. Some users believe that the lottery is the groom to buy, Ms. Cong just scraped it, the two sides should determine how to deal with the consultation. For this matter, Ms. Cong lawyer analysts believe that as the bride invited friends, she has accepted the man to give her the lottery behavior, this behavior should be defined as a gift, the gift is legitimate and effective behavior now. In recent years, with the growing characteristics of public welfare lottery and entertaining more popular, choose the number, playing the lottery has gradually become an important entertainment at leisure. With more and more people to participate in the survival of the team, but also makes the lottery disputes appear. A dispute because of a small lottery jackpot, making friends into enemies, and even the court who do not want to see the results. The lottery has a characteristic, do not report the loss, the lottery agency found only a winning lottery ticket holder for lottery winners, without winning the lottery holders to investigate whether the person is whether to buy, buy with his own money, whether it is to invite others to purchase etc.. That is to say, from a legal sense, "who is who the winning prize awarding". And if the lottery will be given to others, also means to win the opportunity to give others. Not only the wedding to send lottery tickets, as well as birthday to send lottery tickets, businesses to send lottery, etc., with the recent years to become a variety of holiday gifts lottery good choice, the situation is also more and more common lottery gift. So, how to avoid such things happen? In fact, because the purchase of lottery and the dispute is not a few, have learned that winning the lottery to hide, there are friends buy lottery segmentation disagreements, as well as the lottery is missing or defaced not awarding etc.. The lottery ticketsecret, so from a legal sense, "who is who awarding winning prize". Under the existing laws and regulations, the above disputes can be avoided, please pay more attention to the friends, do the following, perhaps less trouble. A!相关的主题文章:

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