This year, over 100 million migratory birds to Heilongjiang pension increased by 30% this year, 28 newspaper (reporter Guo Minghua Yan Yifei) according to incomplete statistics, this summer to our province leisure endowment health of the elderly in the field than in 2015 increased by more than 30%, the total number of 1 million people. In order to attract more birds elderly into our province health care, our province will also implement the "North South disease treatment, North South" project. This is the reporter from the 28 held in our province "south north, North South cure disease" will promote the work of the learned. It is reported that the weather in our province, to attract good cool ecology, beautiful scenery, green food, medicine and health, simple folk, and I went to the province since 2015 held the 17 "summer endowment to promote Longjiang" theme activities of strong propaganda, the pension industry in our province the heat of migratory birds continued strong. According to the provincial civil affairs department responsible person, this summer to the total leisure pension and health in our province in the field of elderly people over 1 million people, but also in the migratory birds pension service season is still in place, the province’s health care system, civil affairs, tourism and other industries have begun operations for the next year more heat "Longjiang pension and health season ready. The implementation of our province’s "south north, North South cure disease" project, to make full use of the ecological environment in our province and Chinese medicine resources, vigorously develop has special advantages, our province has the unique curative effect to the South "rheumatism, sore and Qi" and other types of diseases in traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine technology products, rich medical tourism in our province the pension and health content, increase the added value of tourism and pension industry, to attract more people to target the southern province tourism and pension.

今夏超百万候鸟老人到黑龙江养老 同比增加30%   本报28日讯(记者郭铭华闫一菲)据不完全统计,今年夏季到我省休闲养老养生的外地老年人比2015年增长30%以上,总数超100万人。为吸引更多候鸟老人到我省康养,我省还将实施“南病北治,北药南用”工程。这是记者从28日召开的我省“南病北治、北药南用”工作推进会上了解到的。   据悉,在我省凉爽天气、良好生态、大美景色、绿色食品、中医养生、淳朴民风的吸引下,以及2015年以来我省赴省外举办了17场“夏季养老到龙江”主题活动的有力宣传推介,使我省候鸟养老产业热度持续走强。据省民政厅相关负责人介绍,今夏到我省休闲养老养生的外地老年人总数超100万人,而且在候鸟养老服务季尚处进行中时,全省医疗卫生、民政、旅游等行业系统已经开始行动,为明年更有热度的“龙江养老养生季”做好准备。我省实施的“南病北治、北药南用”工程,旨在充分利用我省生态环境和中医中药资源,大力开发具有我省特殊优势、对南方“风湿、疮疡、气虚”等类型疾病有独到诊疗效果的中医技术和中药产品,丰富我省医疗旅游和健康养老内涵,增加旅游和养老产业附加值,吸引更多南方目标人群来我省旅游和养老。相关的主题文章:

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