Advertising If youre looking for ways to advertise your business in Canada using cost-effective means, postcards are a good choice. You have enough space to include any graphics or text that you want without paying a fortune. The fact that there are many .panies offering cheap postcard printing in Canada gives you more reason to take this route for your advertising campaign. If you want to save even more money, check out these top three tips. Plan Right and Carefully- Needless to say, you need to plan your layout and design very carefully. This is the first step towards cheap postcard printing in Canada. Hiring a professional is the best way to do it, but of course, this will .e at a price. If budget is an issue, you can create your own design, but make sure you choose a good printing .pany because this will directly affect your prints. If youre serious about saving on costs, choose your material carefully. You will usually need a 14-pt cardstock gloss or matte or 13-pt cardstock uncoated, if you are looking to print standard postcards. If you want those that .e with one or two folds, 10-pt cardstock gloss or matte is a good choice. In any case, spend time picking the right material because this can have a huge impact on your total expenses. Look for Perks or Bonuses- If you approach a .pany that provides the best postcard printing services in Canada , they will usually agree to proof your design for free. They will simply tell you if there are any problems, such as paper size issues relative to your design or bleeding of ink. This is very important because youd like to be very sure that you have the right design for printing, if you dont want to pay unnecessary costs if the first prints dont .e out as expected. Another thing you should look for in a printing .pany is a mailing service. Again, this will let you save on cost because you wont have to pay a third party to mail your prints. Of course, this makes things more convenient both for you and the .pany, so its actually a win-win idea. Order in Bulk- Whether youre ordering from an untested .pany or the best postcard printing services in Canada, one thing is for sure youll save more when you order in bulk rather than in small numbers. It doesnt take a genius to understand why. With bulk printing, service and other miscellaneous fees can be charged at once, so theres plenty of room to cut your costs. Its the same thing when you order other promotional items such as calendars, pens or diaries. The more you order at once, the bigger your savings will be. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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