Home-and-Family Parenting is exhausting, fact! Most child home safety products were developed as a direct result of an accident to at least one small tot. Here’s five reasons why relying solely on vigilance cannot always keep your child safe around the house. 1 – Because children are little. Those tiny pinkies will fit into a lot of unexpected places – electric plug holes, for starters. Because children are little they don’t know that they’re likely to get lit up like a Christmas tree and thrown across the room like a firework if they put their fingers in that hole in the wall that’s just at their eye level. They just know it’s sitting there, looking straight at them and begging to be explored with whatever they can touch, taste or poke it with! 2 – Because health and safety isn’t just something to be ridiculed when we read ‘Caution! May contain nuts’ on a packet of, well, nuts. Whilst it provides amusement to point out the absurdity of some of these labels, the whole idea is to try to look after those who can’t look after themselves. First and foremost, that would be our little ones. Get on the floor and look around for things that present a risk to an inquisitive small person. Better yet, blindfold yourself and move around randomly at floor level as fast as you dare. A happy, excited kiddie will be just as oblivious to sharp corners, trip risks and trailing cables and you’ll discover just how dangerous your own home can be. 3 – Because it’s easier not having to childproof your home by hurling yourself around on your hands and knees wearing a blindfold!). Neither do you want to discover them through a trip to the emergency room or doctor with a child in pain and you in a state of panic. Thankfully, most of what can go wrong already has and someone has worked out a socket cover, door slam stopper or under sink cupboard lock to circumvent it. Find these child home safety products and fit them! 4 – Because guilt is a hideous emotion. One mother confessed recently about a bathtime nearly 20 years previously when her precious baby was enjoying splashing in the water as she lay across her Mum’s outstretched arm. As she gurgled happily, she managed to press the soles of her feet against the side of the plastic bath and thrust herself forward, successfully headbutting the opposite side with a thud. This was, of course, all caught on video camera by a doting and horrified dad that has never let her f.et that one lapse of vigilance. 5 – Because we love them. ‘Nuf said? About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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