Wang Guosheng stressed that research in Huangnan to seize new opportunities for   identify the focal point to continue to build national unity and progress of advanced area – Qinghai Channel – original title: Wang Guosheng stressed that research in Huangnan to seize new opportunities and identify the focal point to continue to build national unity and progress of advanced area in September 28th to 29, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng of Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Tongren Jianzha County, is to create national unity and progress, precise poverty, grass-roots party construction survey. He stressed that to thoroughly implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai during an important speech, the full implementation of the "four major solid" requirements, seize the development opportunities, find the combining point and focus of work, strengthen confidence, broaden their horizons, be enthusiastic and press on continued to build advanced area, national unity and progress. Castle Peak, the shore of the Yellow River, is located in the Hui and Han impoverished village — Jianzha County town village of Yang kang. Wang Guosheng detailed understanding of "Internet plus", home electric Kang, greenhouse construction measures for the implementation of precise poverty, poor households into Cao Fusheng’s house, on the construction of new homes and house furnishings, asked the production and living conditions. The courtyard of the village culture, ethnic villagers gathered in the manual, sing and filial piety, enjoyable. Wang Guosheng watched the show, praised the village amateur cultural activities done well, I wish the villagers more happy life. Angra Xiang He Dong to resettle projects under construction. Wang Guosheng look at the planning and construction, to understand the pattern of the situation. He pointed out that the new village construction and the landscape of the two sides of the Yellow River, combined with the development of tourism, planting, breeding and other characteristics of the industry, so that the relocation and the unity of wealth, harmony between man and nature. Kanbula town Zhiganglaka village Dorje Ethnic Cultural Tourism Creative Park production with the national characteristics of wood furniture, are exported to europe. Wang Guosheng praised the great prospects for the development of enterprises, encourage enterprises bigger and stronger. In Qinghai Renjun Regong Art Company, production technology, sculpture, Wang Guosheng inspected Thangka Duixiu other, encourage enterprises to do the national culture and the development of innovation, lead the masses to get rich together. At the same time, the construction site of the bridge with the high speed of the sea, he pointed out that to strengthen infrastructure construction, speed up economic and social development in ethnic areas. In Jianzha County, Angra Township, wangguosheng details of the township "eight project" construction. On the tip of Baron village, he carefully inspect the construction of grass-roots work information service platform, and township and village Party committee government responsible for and in the village first secretary, on how to carry out the "two a" learning and education, play the role of Party members, Party members to be qualified in-depth exchanges. Tongren County, and into the town of four long Ji Ji community service hall, and community workers and the masses to come to work cordial conversation. Wang Guosheng said that the Communist Party’s "brand" not only to hang in the chest, but also in the heart. To strengthen the base construction, build a strong grassroots organization, enhance the basic ability, strengthen the basic work, to unite under the banner of the party people of all nationalities, to better serve the masses, promote the development of. Angra 1000 palace is a united front to play the role of promoting the peaceful liberation of Jianzha to witness. Wang Guosheng understand the repair and protection of the use of the requirements of the building of national unity and progress education base. Tongren County in the long service temple, the director of the civil affairs of the summer warehouse live相关的主题文章:

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