Wang Ji son Angel calls for caring for children – solitary disease Sohu Wang Ji to entertainment "love magic show"     Sohu entertainment news 22 years ago, a "Beijing" in New York caused a sensation, become the first description of Chinese career and emotional journey to the United States gold classic. Play with Jiang Wen, starred in the actress, a spring, the Wang Ji was also known to the audience. "Beijing people broadcast on CCTV in New York", a record of the highest ratings record, Wang Ji also won the popular TV Golden Eagle Award "Best Actress Award" by the audience, also known as "the most exotic women".     however, few people know that Wang Ji was pregnant in starred in the play, because of work pressure, lack of rest, lack of nutrition, bring the congenital harm to the baby son born after being diagnosed with epilepsy. It was a great blow to Wang Ji that brought untold pain. Until 2006 in a program, Wang Jicai for the first time will be mentally retarded children’s privacy announced to the public. Her biggest feeling is: fame and status is only family, happy and healthy as trassient as a fleeting cloud, is the life of this!     because of his personal experience, Wang Ji has a special affection for children in "the opportunity to participate in a reality show", know that a magician called He Xin’s mother adopted two orphans and disabled children, where the mother although with their love, but also because of their illness due to extremely hard life. Wang Ji decided to bring his mother to a friend who can help her relieve the pressure and can play with the children, "mysterious friend"! Children adorable "mysterious friend"     "; to be a surprise; the opportunity to come" is the first file star in cooperation in science and technology innovation dream show. The November 16th broadcast of the third phase will serve as the "angel of dreams" by Wang Ji, where she helped mother better care to the adoption of Down syndrome boy Yang Yang, suffering from cerebral palsy girl rain good, also let two orphans and disabled children can receive more care, enjoy the children can enjoy the happiness.     Down syndrome of Yang basic language communication ability, the ordinary people can not understand his meaning will have emotional self injurious behavior, and cerebral palsy Yujia although can express the basic statement, but slow pronunciation enunciation unclear, often fall down, have a strong sense of inferiority is not normal with strangers communication. After seeing the situation of the two children, Wang Ji exclaimed: "what mother is really not easy!" Challenging task arduous Wang Ji shoulder the mission of love     why the mother to reduce the burden, to bring happiness to the child’s original intention is very good, but the challenge is extremely difficult. Yang Yanghe rain good situation is too special, children’s toys on the market simply can not meet their needs. Existing technology products are designed for ordinary children…… Challenging task, as the dream of the messenger Wang Ji can find suitable for their science and technology products, for the two children bring true "good friend"? November 16th Wednesday night 21:!相关的主题文章:

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