Wang Lidanni s "half naked day ban" the 1 anniversary of play will be the first to see whether to ban PK Xian Xia online "days of the ban" from November 2015 start innovation beta since the speed upgrade game mode has a tour for nearly a year. This period of time, we get rid of a fire, they reveal the blood crow king, Chi You, Osiris and so on another Boss, also ushered in between the full level of Fairy Jewelry, the arrival of creation. In order to celebrate the "days of the ban" speed 1 anniversary, invited Wang Li Danni to send a goddess of welfare of all; and in late November, will once again usher in a new version of the update, including the new life system, new props and so on. Let’s look at the first hand! Enter the "days of the ban" game area for more information about > > > [new anniversary] * new version update preview system of life – "days of the ban" pharmaceutical system of life is rich, this anniversary version of the new "manufacturing" — a production, in the original production, the magic of magic, based poly spirit system and life system mounts on a stone, appears to make the battle more winning suspense, also make the game more fun. After the new suit. – full armor from the first piece of information nine tomb stunt fall full of jewelry, the anniversary edition open new props fall, full armor, lifting property, combat more zest! The anniversary will play [EP] interesting data review "days of the ban" speed mode since the start, we grow together, along the way a lot of stories, when words cannot express, data is the best expression. Today Xiaobian for everyone to bring some interesting data content. It is said that the forbidden days from the open test so far, the game was sent out props reward up to 12 million RMB. Money is not the purpose of the game is the kingly way. We only benefits the porter! In addition to benefits of big data, there are stars big data, Michael Wong, Zhang Bichen, Wang Li Danni, the former "days of the ban" ambassador or spokesperson of the stars, you can relive those familiar works. In addition, the couple big data, BOSS big data will also be announced in the following eleven, please look forward to! [anniversary celebration activities] since the prophet is wishing to grab the anniversary celebration will play, in addition to playing music, you may have a lot to achieve in the "days of the ban" in desire, such as arms +10, a Xianlv company etc.. The opportunity came, this anniversary celebration will open wish wall activities you wish for, we certainly wish to achieve, don’t be a powerful and unconstrained style! A year ago, we speed up together, a year later, when we taste memories, taste. Today is November 3rd, immediately "days of the ban" 1 anniversary play will officially meet with you, sexy milk – Lee Dani and everyone together to greet the arrival ceremony! For more details, please pay attention to the official website:相关的主题文章:

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