Home-and-Family For anyone planning a wedding, the most important things to have are wedding guest books. This holds a lot of memory and value to the bride and groom and will be what guests sign when entering the ceremony or the reception. The book can also hold little .ments left by guests as well. The bride and the groom are going to enjoy going through their guest book after the wedding to see what others have left. Years after the wedding, they can continue looking back and reading the .ments and best wishes left by guests. The main problem with these books is that not everyone will sign them. However, with a few tips, you can ensure everyone attending your wedding takes the time to fill out a little something in your guest book. Dedicate Pages to Guests Instead of having a guest book that everyone can just sign, consider taking the time to dedicate a page to each guest. For those who have large weddings, this may be a bit time-consuming, but there are ways to make it more organized. Determine the amount of people you are going to have at your wedding, and buy one or more wedding guest books. Consider going in alphabetical order in order to allow people to find their name and page easier. Doing so allows the person to have an entire page to write something to you as opposed to trying to fit it in a few short lines. This can allow .ments to be more personal and meaningful. Another thing to do is use side color letter tabs to allow people to jump to the tab that their first or last name begins with. Place in a Visible Spot The location you decide to place your guest book also plays a large role in the number of people who sign it. Placing it somewhere away from the crowd will only reduce the amount of people who sign it. Instead, consider placing it somewhere where it is going to be seen by everyone. Consider setting it in a platform by the entrance doors, or it can be sent around to everyone to ensure everyone signs it. Dedicate Someone You can assign someone to take some time and simply walk around asking people to sign the wedding guest books. This ensures everyone signs it, and this could be done after everyone eats and after toasts are made. Someone could be standing at the entrance greeting the guests and simply asking for them to sign the book. Weddings are a time of celebration, and small details such as this should never be left out. Each small detail is looked back on as a reminder of the bride and groom’s special day. Wedding guest books add to the memory of this celebration. There are several types to choose from and you can find one to match your theme and colors perfectly. Weddings should be a fun-filled event, and wedding accessories and guest books should be one less thing to worry about. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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