Weinan 4 junior high school students from junior high study pressure go away the sun news (reporter Yang Yuefeng Liu Xiaoge) the evening of September 19th, Kim Heyang County police station full mobilization, after more than two hours of effort to find a successful back four runaway student, praised by the masses. In September 19th 20 pm, from the Han City four students anxious parents came to Heyang County waterway police station for help, said the four children are in school together away from Hancheng to Heyang, requested the police to help find. The police immediately asked for details, that the four students are boys, go to school in the city of Hancheng Jincheng 2, the age is 14 years old, as the third high pressure of study weariness, trouble with the parents together after running away from home, parents in the four children came to Heyang, then to looking for. Four lost only one student with a cell phone, and has been in a shutdown state, their QQ did not land, unable to contact, which to find a job has brought great difficulty. The police immediately organized understanding of the physical characteristics of these four students took to the streets to find the hotel, after, focus on the area of Internet cafes, crowded places Mopai, after more than two hours of hard work finally hard work pays off, the police found four boys standing around on the sidewalk around in Heyang County, Jiefang Road sunshine supermarket the door, caused police attention, then stepped forward to ask that the four boys are 14 years old, and that is Mandarin, the police asked where they are, one of them is that the people of Xianyang. The police think they dodge eyes immediately brought back to the police station, the four students at the police station to see the parents after the mood is very excited, the parents ", claiming not to know the family, so that their families do not care about them, very rebellious. In view of this situation, the police for several students to do ideological work, to speak the truth, and finally these students recognize their own mistakes, their families admitted to the error. When the family saw her child, on the one hand, they being, on the other hand, police anxious people are anxious attitude greatly. Note: video only for extended reading. Siblings ran away from home without money to eat taxi相关的主题文章:

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