"Westward journey 3" Mid Autumn Festival will reflect the Zhang Yao and Han Geng three – Zhang Yao and Han Geng cooperation entertainment Sohu Zhang Yao Niu Xiangxiang Sohu entertainment directed by Jeffrey Lau, Han Geng, Tang Yan, Zhang Chao, Zhang Yao, Wu Jing, Xie Nan, et al. Co starred in the movie "Westward Journey 3" before the exposure of the director and special mention in September 14th announced the landing courtyard line. This numerous 80, 90 after the opening of the hearts of the audience in the hearts of the classic since the sale of a wide range of attention, was known as the Mid Autumn Festival stalls most successful film. As a continuation of "Westward Journey" series finale and Chinese classic love story, compared to the previous two suspense upgrade, the relationship between the characters more whirling. Among them, he is a representative of our love to kill, cut and chaotic. The strength of the actor Zhang Yao plays a most cattle Xiangxiang angle called the entire film can play the devil, but can be a demon, full of surprise. It is reported that this is also the three degree of cooperation between Zhang Yao and Han Geng. From the "Youth", "summer tree" to the "westward journey 3", two people every year to cooperate with each other more, become very good friends. Talk about a friend Han Geng, Zhang Yao also said "thank you very much, because he first recommended me to play the role of Niu Xiangxiang, also dug me as a martial arts star potential." What Zhang Yao will bring us what kind of surprise, and I in cattle Xiangxiang what entanglement? Let us wait and see the September 14th upcoming "westward journey 3".   相关的主题文章:

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