Home-and-Family If you enjoy swimming but also like the benefits of a spa a .bination of the two is a great option. Not only will it save you space it will offer the best of both worlds by offering room to swim with the added benefits of a spa. Furthermore the temperature of this .bination keeps the water temperature higher than in an average swimming pool, which is ideal if you are one of thousands of people who hate dipping their toes in cold water, let alone immersing their entire body! The advantage to these pools is that you have .plete control over the water temperature, from a refreshing mid-twenties degrees in the summer to a balmy thirty or forty degrees for winter use. They are able to offer this flexibility in temperature control due to the shell .position, insulation and integral heating systems The therapeutic benefits also make these types of pools a very popular choice for many people. Not only are they a great way to swim and use for aqua exercising they also provide the additional benefits over some soak only hot tubs, by proving jets of water which massage your body and offer a great way to simply relax and ease the tension out of aching joints or over tired bodies. The pool also has a serious of jet outlets through which air bubbles enter the water, creating the familiar massaging which is associated with a Jacuzzi and hot tubs. The bubbles are delivered into the water by air pressure which in turn created the powerful vibrations in the water which enables the body to be massaged. Each pool has a host of different diameter jets aimed at different angles and situated throughout the pool to enable currents of water to be directed, rotate or pulsate the water current. These are fully adjustable to suit individual needs and requirements, from soft and gentle massage to powerful pointed acupressure which can really help to provide deep muscle styled massages. Swim spas are be.ing increasingly popular due to both their affordability and their therapeutic functions. The great advantage to this type of pool is that it can situated and used either within a house or specially designed summer house style building or simply installed in a garden. With the latest trend of staying in as the new alternative to going out, along with the ever increasing costs of gym and health spa membership fees, having your own pool enables you to make full use of it as frequently as you like. Offering a great way to remain in the .fort of your own home as well as the added benefits of dipping in for a swim or a work out at your own pace. With the vast array of different size swim spas available family and friends can also share time and have fun any time of the year. For those suffer from painful joints, arthritis or simply want an effective way of keeping fit, a swim spa is the ideal answer. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章:

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