Who has this kind of book in Changchun? The original price is 2 Mao, which is worth tens of thousands of dollars! Correct posture COMIC BOOKS comic book collection of comic books of the old standard definition phase corresponding to the product quality and product phase is bounded, the front and back cover, the back and the inside pages of the title page and the content page, page, copyright page, the copyright is not printed on the back cover, and a single "seven full page" for all products is incomplete; whoever does not have the "seven" are the original phase. All products are divided into 50%, 10 to 6; the product is divided into 50% phases, namely, 5 ~ 1. The following criteria are listed as follows: ten the finished product is completely new and flat, with no wear, no crease and no seal on the cover. (Note: the principle of the market after more than two decades later, the paper will have oxidation. The ten product is just the concept of general comic collection with "nine products" or "95" to replace. (nine) the whole book of finished articles is basically new, the cover and back cover are naturally worn, there are a few slight creases, no pen marks, and there are library collection seals, which have original ash, but can be removed, and the books are not damaged when ash is removed. (Note: ash removal and washing books are not a concept. Dust is generally removed and blown away only by external force. )

长春谁家有这种书?原价2毛一本,现在价值上万! COMIC BOOKS   小人书收藏的正确姿势品相界定标准   旧小人书的品相应以全品相和残品相为界点,封面、封底、书脊和内页中的扉页、内容提要页、画页、版权页,指版权不在封底,而单印的一页“七全”的为全品相;残缺的即凡不具备“七全”的均为残品相。全品相者分五成,即10~6成;残品相的也分五成,即5~1成。   以下列举各“成”界定标准: 十成品相   全书崭新、平整,封面封底无磨损、无折痕、无印章,如同未经翻阅的完美。(注:原则上市面经过十几二十年后,纸张都会有氧化。故十品只是概念,一般连环画收藏都以“九五品”或“九五加”来替代。) 九成品相   全书基本崭新,封面、封底有自然磨损,有少数轻度折痕,无笔痕,可有图书馆藏书印章,有原灰,但可除去,除灰时不损坏书。(注:除灰与洗书不是一个概念。一般除灰仅用外力将灰尘吹去与掸干净。)相关的主题文章:

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