Why does Andy Lau always follow Jing Wong to shoot the movie all Sina entertainment column boiled fat Luo Jun final four national war has been settled, "the whole world" by lead, "the Mekong" counter attack, "grand track" Gaokaidizou, bottom is the "trump card" with ace. "The whole world" 4 days passed 3.09 quadrillion watercress 5.6 points, "grand track" 3 days 197 million watercress 4.1 points, "the Mekong River action" 3 days from the first day of 165 million, watercress score 7.6 points up to 8.1 points, and on the 2 day at the box office to achieve counter attack, anti – "grand track". As for the trump card trick, the 3 day of 106 million, watercress, the National Day file to become the four largest score in the film in the lowest score of 3.8. As the National Archives only a comedy movie, the most funny stem in the film, while in the movie — Jing Wong comedy talent lost. From the "Macao vice", Jing Wong seems to have found the key to the mainland market, the mainland in the new Hong Kong director become blockbuster director, it is "Macao Fengyun 3", Jing Wong almost lost all reputation. Trump card trick again defeat, it is possible to make Jing Wong further loss of business advantage in the mainland market. But the box office story also has not funny place: from the "Macao 2" began, Andy Lau and Jing Wong has been a continuous cooperation of the three films, and then, as well as "chasing the Dragon". Take some, and not Jing Wong’s obsession, commercial film is, but when the full of wit commercial film director Jing Wong genius, is old, and now the film market, is the young people in the world. When Andy Lau and Jing Wong film depth bound, Jing Wong failed to bring those bad Tucao, also to Andy Lau. The Jing Wong movie films as too simple and crude, but the "trump card" with ACE Jing Wong is undoubtedly a blockbuster creation low. From the "Macao 2" to the "trump card to play trump card", Jing Wong, in the end what happened? As for Liu king, with the words of netizens: Andy Lau, how much do you still want to return? The "trump card" with ACE again, Jing Wong movie the last two minutes the whole of the "trump card" can only make ace, let netizen tiger body shock woke up from sleep, only at the end of the egg, Andy Lau film’s wife identity announced at that moment, in order not to let you go for the eggs see this movie, uncle Ronaldo would do a spoiler dog – Sammi Cheng. From social media comments, this is almost a no eggs in addition to see movies, users and professional critics focus Tucao is mainly three aspects: first, the film is still Jing Wong. Second, why did Andy Lau play such a film? Third, how can such a film to earn a box office! Start with a story that people don’t want to see. Watercress synopsis is this: the "trump card" tells the story of the treasure, with ACE ye (Andy Lau ornaments) and the Luo Jia Hao (Huang Xiaoming) in A dream (Wong Cho Lam ornaments), Luo Jia Xin (Ouyang Nana ornaments) under the help of the people, to defuse the crisis to save the planet comedy adventure story. Uncle Luo looks at this相关的主题文章:

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