Web-Design When it .es to a successful website, everyone suggests that content is the king and it is the most important element in the success of a website. What happens if great content is presented on a bad website design? Many people would argue that if the content is truly useful, visitors may even ignore the bad website design. But then the next question that .es to ones mind is that how long people are going to ignore bad website design for accessing quality content? The answer is simple they are not going to tolerate bad website design for long. Your visitors would start disappearing and the bubble of success that you created around great quality content would soon burst. Great quality content also needs good if not great website design. The qualities of a good website design include elements like usability and accessibility which makes it easier for the website visitor to navigate around a website and enjoy easy and .fortable access to the content. A bad website design makes this access difficult and painful for the visitors. High quality content may still force them to somehow manage their stay on the website but not for long and not regularly. The mantra here is to achieve a website design that supports the content. For example a website sharing audio / video content may need a totally different website design elements than a site that publishes most its content in text format. The target should be to make it easy for visitors to access the content. Colors are probably the most important element of any design. Using colors that make reading and viewing easier has proven to be an effective technique in increasing a websites popularity. Apart from colors, a simple and easy to understand navigational structure is also crucial from usability perspective. A good website design places navigational links at the easiest and the most accessible portions. Many website designers use effects such as on mouse over effects, underlines, or color changes to highlights links on a web page. Such effects make it simple for a visitor to find links to the internal pages of your website and this increases your page views and the possibility of a conversion. Another quality of a good website design is that it should be search engine friendly. So that search engines can access the content on the website, index it and show it in their search results. These days social media is where people spend most of their time online. So it would be very wise to add social networking gadgets on your website so that your visitors can share your content on their social networks. Website design is a .plicated task, maintaining a website is a continuously evolving task, and so is website design. As your websites visibility and visitors grow it would be.e more .plex to manage your content and interact with the visitors. That is why hiring a professional website designer is the best choice, since they have the experience and knowledge about how to make websites more user-friendly. They also know and understand the latest trends in website design, marketing, search engine optimization and copywriting. Allowing a professional gives you the time and .fort in which you can prepare the great quality content for your website. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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