With the tourism industry line is "Pokemon GO" goal — one day, we will take the "Poké mon GO" to Mount Qomolangma; catch crack empty seat. Recently, the video site NicoNico animation DWANGO parent company IT companies in Japan, officially announced, through its website NicoNico broadcast channel "NicoNico air" to carry out mobile phone game "Poké GO" mon an official live, live in the center place of tourist attractions of Tottori sand dunes, will lead the audience while playing "Poké mon GO"; while walking in the Tottori sand dunes, and a comprehensive introduction to Tottori city tourist attractions. This broadcast is the world’s first Poké mon and Niantic live two company certification, and obtained the full cooperation of the Tottori County in japan. According to official reports, the live broadcast will start, starting from the city of Tottori attractions, moved to Japan Tourism "Tottori’s largest sand dune sand dunes", Tottori County governor (equivalent to magistrate) Hirai Nobuji as a guest to attend this activity. Don’t take the house "Poké mon GO"; to travel early in June of this year before the game, the game production team in an interview revealed, "Poké mon GO"; the idea is to walk the elves journey to find a new world. And before the cooperation with McDonald’s commercial stores are different, "Poké mon GO" also developed a cooperation with the scenic spots and historical sites of the road. From the "go out" to "out of the city", "Poké"; "mon GO" was finally made in the various parties, their own heat from the hand travel, AR field once again extended to the tourism industry. Tottori – the official site of dune live activity center is located in the sand dune sea of Japan coast of Japan China area in Tottori County of Tottori City, it is 16 kilometers long, 2.4 kilometers wide north-south, the largest sand dune gap of about 90 meters. It belongs to special protection area of Shanyin Coast National Park, is Japan’s largest sightseeing sand dune. Tottori sand hill Dongqi Si Chi Shan, West Gas Cape, falling to chiyokawa (Sendai River) on the sand and piled up mountains of the volcano, is the Japan sea wind blows, after 100 thousand years of creation of the masterpiece of nature. Sand dunes have 40 meters deep depression, there are 50 meters high hills, there is a strong wind called "wind pattern", "curtain" pattern, there are sand from sand dune surface, the avalanche fell, the magnificent "quicksand art" constantly changing. Never stop for a moment. To fully experience the charm of Tottori sand dune, it is best to walk, and "Poké GO"; mon does not depend on the vehicle exactly consistent mobile design, but if you walk tired can also ride on camels, take carriage, perhaps.相关的主题文章:

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