Wuhan decoration by cutting machine blade throat wound 20 cm long blood Wuhan evening news (reporter correspondent Wu Wei Ma Yaoyao) 43 year old master song yesterday suffered cry moment, with a cutting tile cutting machine cutting machine he did not expect sudden rebound, the rapid rotation of the blade is instantly cut into the neck, instantly bleeding profusely, but fortunately send the hospital in a timely manner finally out of danger. The doctor said that if the wound is more deep half centimeters, would switch the carotid artery, the consequences will be unbearable to contemplate. Song Shichuan is a decoration worker, 2 pm yesterday, he and the workers work in the lake. Mr. Song is responsible for cutting ceramic tile, did not expect the accident occurred, cutting machine suddenly rebounded, the rapid rotation of the blade moment cut into his neck, bleeding profusely. Song master immediately cover the neck, leaning against the wall, soon be blood red coat. The workers immediately rushed him to a hospital in Wuhan city after the Lake District hospital. Department of ENT doctors found that the right side of the neck to the middle of the neck of the master of the Song Dynasty has a length of about 20 cm "L" type of skin laceration, the right side of the neck wound deeper, part of the thyroid cartilage exposed. Because of deep wounds, cut into the muscle, have been able to see the following organs, fortunately, the wound from the carotid artery is less than a half centimeter, no injury to the carotid artery, there is no harm on the right side of the larynx and thyroid. Subsequently, the Department of ENT doctor immediately for the master of the song emergency surgery, quickly cleaned the wound, the successful closure of bleeding points, and finally by layer of the suture of the blood vessels and muscles. After an hour of intense surgery, song Shichuan out of danger, is currently hospitalized in recovery.相关的主题文章:

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