Wuhan public bicycle riding three implementation of 107 new sites riding public bike through the towns of Wuhan to become a reality. September 29th onwards, Wuhan new operating public bicycle site 107, the new vehicle put on 3000. In addition to the new site is part of the Jiangnan, Jiangbei District encryption, the rest are set in Hanyang, Zhuankou area, and with the Metro Line 3 close connection. So far, Wuhan has completed the city public bicycle network, people can ride the public bicycle tour, at the nearest station point by pass. Wuhan huantou public bicycle company staff revealed that from April last year, the public bicycle return date, pre construction of temporary public bicycle in Wuchang, Hankou, the main reason is that Hanyang is in the construction stage, many roads were closed in the construction, do not have the public bicycle construction and operation conditions. Now, with the construction of Hanyang gradually ending, at the beginning of this year to the public bicycle Hanyang and Zhuankou area network, will be in more than 400 sites in Hanyang and Zhuankou area construction in Hanyang, people travel the last mile will facilitate many. It is reported that Wuhan huantou public bicycle since the start of April 2015 has, in the towns of Wuhan has opened a total operating site 913, put public bicycle 23000. Daily cycling has exceeded 100 thousand times, the cumulative amount of cycling exceeded 23 million times. For the convenience of the Hanyang and Zhuankou area residents apply for public bicycle related business, huantou public bicycle company fixed card point located in Zhuankou Economic Development Zone, can apply for rental card (address: Dongfeng Wuhan economic and Technological Development Zone Road Triangle Lake Road No. 88, No. 3 line sports center subway station exit D, forward 200 meters, the public service center on the first floor, B District No. 47 window); customer service Tel: 027-65027285; Business Hours: Monday to Friday, every day at 8:30 in the morning to 12 pm, 2 pm to 5 pm. (reporter correspondent Peng Lan Sun Nian) according to AFP yesterday, the 3000 public bike launched three, Hanyang, Zhuankou did not end the public bicycle for the first time in history, the towns of interlibrary loan. In April last year, Wuhan re launch public bike, mainly in Wuchang and Hankou, currently reached 913 sites, 23000 public bicycles. And Hanyang and Zhuankou, because in the stage of construction, there is no public bicycle layout. With the two kilometer municipal construction in an orderly way, put ripe Wuhan huantou public bicycle company under construction, has built 68 on the site, "blue car" (public bike nickname) 2000. Yesterday, in the vicinity of the Jianghan University, the reporter saw the first use of Public Bike Week lady, "I work in the vicinity of the HanKou Railway Station, the previous day to 20 minutes walk to the subway station on line 3, now from the doorstep rent a bike past as long as five or six minutes, the morning can sleep more than a quarter of an hour." According to reports, this year, Hanyang and Zhuankou area will be more than 400 construction sites, the public can call the car for 027-65027285 consulting. (reporter correspondent Lu Chenghan Li Yan)相关的主题文章:

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