Wuhan to Harbin will train sleeper cars throughout the 13 hours and 7 minutes for alpine EMU sleeper car unveiled yesterday (source network) China first anti Alpine EMU sleeper unveiled yesterday. The railway department said, this train will run from Harbin to Wuhan, Shenzhen, Wuhan netizen said, looking forward to sleep on the train to Harbin! The reporter understands, this CRH5E EMU has "a horizontal conversion function can be realized at night, daytime sleeper car two operating modes. In order to allow passengers to enjoy a quiet sleep environment, the strict control of vehicle interior noise by means of sound absorption, sound insulation, damping, damping and sealing technology of five. The car is also equipped with a Wi-Fi and a plurality of power supply socket. Reporters from the users of the message that we are most concerned about is "how much money a ticket". According to wutie introduces, at present Wuhan to Harbin G1278, 8:56 in the morning the night 10:03 arrived in Harbin, the entire 13 hours 7 minutes, a 1584.5 yuan, two seat 1012.5 yuan, and weekdays from Wuhan to Harbin ticket discount, but expect the sleeper train fares will be higher than the current high-speed rail two seat fare. (reporter Hu Yongmou) train travel ushered in the "sleeper" era of domestic first EMU sleeper in Changchun came from sitting to lying on how to achieve?

武汉至哈尔滨将开行卧铺动车 全程13小时7分钟图为:昨日亮相的高寒卧铺动车组车厢内部(来源网络)中国首列抗高寒卧铺动车组昨日亮相。铁路部门透露,这列动车将跑哈尔滨至武汉、深圳方向,有武汉网友表示,期待能在这列车上一觉睡到哈尔滨!记者了解到,这款CRH5E动车组具备“座卧转换”功能,可实现夜间卧车、白天座车两种运营模式。为能让乘客享有一个安静的睡眠环境,列车通过采用吸音、隔声、阻尼、减振和密封等五大技术对车辆内部噪声严格控制。车上还设有Wi-Fi和多个电源插座。记者从网友留言中看到,大家最关心的还是“得多少钱一张票”。据武铁方面介绍,目前武汉至哈尔滨的G1278,早上8:56出发当晚10:03抵达哈尔滨,全程13小时7分钟,一等座1584.5元、二等座1012.5元,基本与平日武汉至哈尔滨的机票打折价相当,但预计卧铺动车的票价会高于目前高铁的二等座票价。(记者胡勇谋) 坐动车出行迎来“卧铺时代” 国内首列卧铺动车组在长春问世 从坐到卧怎么实现?相关的主题文章:

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