There were 110 thousand households in Xiamen water supply difficulties returned to herald Island (reporter Wu Linzeng Huang Ping correspondent) yesterday, the Herald reporter from the Xiamen water group, the national network of Xiamen power company was informed that, as of yesterday at 6 pm, Xiamen water difficulties as well as about 110 thousand; expected this morning, the island’s electricity disaster recovery rate reached about 95%. It is understood that, as of yesterday at 6 pm, Haicang District, Jimei District, the island’s water supply has been restored to normal. The island by the water supplying and 500 households have water difficult, two water users and 1500 households have water difficulties; Xiangan District, there are 6000 households have water difficulties; in Tongan District of Meishan to restore water power and water supply, has solved 100 thousand household water demand, there are 100 thousand households have difficulties with water. Yesterday, the city’s total of 251 water points, where the island is 79, Tongan 104; water supply 7 vehicles according to actual needs, including 4 Department, 3 Department of Haicang xinglin. The power supply, as of yesterday evening 9 when the Herald reporter press time, a little repair work is still in progress, so the recovery of power supply has not been statistical number. On the island, is expected to zero today, the island’s disaster recovery rate of electricity reached 95%. In addition, affected by the typhoon, the car into the island affected. The Herald reporter learned yesterday morning, more than 200 employees in Xiamen electric power rush through the external power supply electric railway traction, Xiamen electric railway traction power supply external becomes normal, laid the foundation for the protection of the power supply of Fuzhou Xiamen high-speed railway operation. (Strait Herald (micro-blog) >);相关的主题文章:

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