Yang Zhen: Chinese home court points in the lottery lottery recommended Yang Zhen Italy unbearable Germany 1, Hungary VS Rui         code; recommendation: 10 if this year the European Cup finals record, but also better than Sweden hungary. But recently, Sweden, I think the team is fighting, France is just 1 ball lost face. The disc deuce dish water, Hungary in Budapest’s home court let the ball situation in general, I am optimistic about the Swedish grab points. 2, Austria VS Slovak       promotion: 3 the game in Vienna, Austria ranked fourth in the D group, only 4 points, and Slovakia in group F in 6 points ranked third, two of the recent performance difference is relatively large. From confrontation, Austria is not dominant, the game of disc Austria let hemisphere high water dish, let the ball team dominated, Bo found. 3, Italy VS de         promotion: 10 the match in Milan’s San Siro stadium, although it is friendly, but also much attention. The current national team list, the two teams are missing some of the main players, such as Italy Barzagli and Chiellini, Germany and the lack of cross and other people, such as. The overall feeling, the German national team task is not heavy, Loew recruited more young team, and Italy team some of the more experienced. I think this case, game player of Italy not overlooked, but the disc only to draw water after Italy, let the ball situation in general, I think Germany unbeaten. 4, North   VS; love Clottey       promotion: 01 the game in Belfast, a world cup, the Croatia midfielder will play Rakitic and Modric, does not appear two problems. Second ranking in C group in Northern Ireland, a chance to win a playoff places. The disc Croatia guest Let flat half low water, the guest is preferred. 5, Ukraine VS Serbia       recommendation 10: this game in Ukraine of Kharkov, the climate should be a big challenge to face Serbia. From the confrontation, Ukraine beat Serbia in the last 3 games, the two teams in their respective groups also performed very well. The Asian plate Ukraine let flat half plate high water, the heat is higher in. But Serbia coach Muslim led office played 7 games unbeaten, I think he does not expect the team to end the current good momentum. From the perspective of strength, Ukraine did not win grasp. 6, England VS Spain       promotion: 30 two team manager office is not a long time, England’s Southgate is still hope to do well, to be the FA Fuzheng Kyrgyzstan is just loppert; LED for several months, in contrast, his mind must be relaxed)相关的主题文章:

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