Yue Yunpeng Guo Degang: I have no vocal support master had to pay tuition fees – Entertainment Sohu Yue Yunpeng shouts behind master Sohu entertainment news the day before, Deyunshe storm caused concern, first is Guo Degang micro-blog open clean house, attracted Cao Yunjin long "is time, also do one end" and with Guo Degang. The early morning of September 25th, Guo Degang Cao Yunjin’s statement by 1000 long response, sharp tongued, also mentioned his apprentice do not charge tuition fees, "if such a charge, Yue Yunpeng this to help the poor children’s tuition come from?" Subsequently, 25 noon, Yue Yunpeng stood behind the master apprentice Guo Degang said, "I haven’t had to pay tuition fees". A large number of users to support Yue Yunpeng’s team, but there are also many users also hope that the small Yue Yue don’t Wade this muddy water: "small Yue Yue don’t laicourenao." "Small Yue Yue you must be in good deyunshe." Cao Yunjin has previously said to pay high tuition scholarship, in Guo Degang in this regard, Guo Degang wrote: "I did not respond to what is known as the school, at home how to open the invoice to the apprentice diploma? Such as small Jin said, do not have to look at the classroom in Beijing is not a hostel, a year of 8000 tuition fees, plus meals to stay on the tens of thousands of years, ah, this is not a small number of 02. Should walk away quickly, quickly alarm fraud. Who is so rich a mess, how can you then believe that adversity didn’t work without the visibility of me is really touching tears to cry melody. We’re not relatives, either. Because Pan Yunxia Zhang Yunlei and my wife side, Kim was wrapped inside outside what is my mistake. He is willing to be mistaken, I have no chance to explain. Of course, when 2010 Deyunshe nearly destroyed, Xiao Jin told reporters that we don’t actually tried to side. Thought, Kim has published an autobiography, mentioned in the book of the original art, specifically that I refuse to take any payment for a freeloader for several years. I would not like to move, and now I received the money, I got a bit confused. I don’t know which one is true. In addition, if such a fee approach, Yue Yunpeng this group of poor children’s tuition come from? And for so many years why only one said that tuition fees, so this section of the design is not good, it is difficult to say that the success of the poor. Things come out, Zhang Yunlei’s mother and then the students and their parents have said, warm look forward to the majority of media interviews, then things we would like to prove."相关的主题文章:

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