Zhang Jie Wuhan singing voice: I want to love the love of Zhang Jie has been down to the situation of the singer singer photo of the "12 years ago, remember the origin of the name of the star it?" – years ago, "I love you." Xiong Bo Because of this song." Yesterday evening, singer Zhang Jie in Wuhan Sports Center Stadium concert, especially for the fans singing debut in 2004 the first song "Big Dipper love", detonated the atmosphere. Zhang Jie’s fans call themselves "stars", he also deliberately let you close the fluorescent stick, turn on the phone lights, in a "twinkle in the stars" in a song "the brightest star in the night sky". Thin, Zhang Jie debut for 12 years, this called "I want" concert, he too would like to confide. The entertainment industry experienced the ups and downs, there have been criticisms, Zhang Jie told the fans: "I have not learned how to speak." For so many years, he wanted to retreat and give up, no longer sing, live a dull life." But in the end still stick to the stage, whether it is Chinese or English songs, as long as there is a sentimental song, I love to sing." Zhang Jie has been learning to accept new things and information, "I always remind myself not to become a conservative and boring, but I still want to be a singer, the next 12 years, or will follow that path. For many years to come to the Wuhan concert, Zhang Jie never simply sing, not to talk about feelings, not Tinana. Last night’s concert scene, Zhang Jie relaxed a lot. He and Sheenah have been married for 5 years, when the big screen shot of the photos of Sheenah, the voice of the heart of the president, said: "want to want to love, Semyon Sheenah Aa, Zhang Jie……" (reporter Huang Lijuan)相关的主题文章:

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