Zhang Yaoci memoir was deleted the truth of the content – Sohu Culture Channel online someone likes to break the news, and some burst true material, and some explosive material. Not long ago, an article entitled "Mao Zedong five years before the death of our secrets, Zhangyaoci memoir". This post has taken "bid" to be deleted "Memoirs of Zhang Yaoci said some secrets in the relevant departments of the central government to send sits". Post claims that these "secrets" because of loss leader image was forbidden and diffusion, sold for preservation archives. This network of Posts posted screenshots of this list of nine things, the relationship between Mao Zedong and Premier Zhou to delicate little, Lin Biao, to Mao Zedong winter to eat fish and fish plane transporting price briefly, are easy to cause social concern and controversy of the thing. This stick fly it? Tracing. I checked, "recalls Zhang Yaoci Mao Zedong" is a book published in September 1996 by the CPC Central Party school, later reprinted three times. Who is Zhang Yaoci? He served as deputy director of the general office of the CPC Central Committee and the head of the central guards regiment, responsible for security work around Mao Zedong 40 years. So, about Mao Zedong, Zhangyaoci memories are very persuasive. Zhang Yaoci recalls Mao Zedong, the Central Party School Publishing House, September 1996 first edition, however, whether the original manuscript in the manuscript of these memories? These contents are deleted since the approval of relevant departments of the central government and retained for archives, prohibition of diffusion, this post is not the name of the author and the message from where? Unfortunately, Zhangyaoci died in 2010. In this way, it is impossible to prove the authenticity of this post from himself. It is a "happened" to have no meaning! I can not see the most, this is "turned out" confidential! With the so-called "broke the news" to suck my eye. Mentioned postscript Memoirs of Zhang Yaoci in the first edition, this memoir of the draft process, "by Comrade Mao Zhuo in charge of form", "he has done a lot of work". After several twists and turns, I contacted the Zhuo Zhuo (former Secretary Zhang Yaoci). Contact by telephone and WeChat, Mao Zhuo taking the time in his busy schedule, I answered a few questions: Q: do you know Zhang Yaoci’s memoirs into the draft and submitted the case? Zhuo Zhuo answer: "Zhang Yaoci recalls Mao Zedong," a Book of interviews and writing, is entrusted with the work I have to do the work of Zhang Yaoci. Many people interviewed Zhang Yaoci, but did not grant the right. Zhang Yaoci gave me the power of attorney to this day is still retained, there are a lot of tape. The manuscript submitted to the Central Party Literature Research Center to review the manuscript submitted in October 19, 1995, less than 20 words. In May 1996, the Central Party Literature Research Center addressto agreed to publish. Q: This is the so-called online post delete the contents, is the content of the original manuscript Memoirs of Zhang Yaoci? Mao Zhuo answer: certainly, this post online content is not the content of the original manuscript Zhangyaoci memoir. At that time, Li Qi (former director of the Central Literature Research Office) suggested adding some details, did not put the content deleted. The memoir!相关的主题文章:

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