Zou Shiming has become the international foreign fans for Zou Road, [watch] photo of Zou Shiming before weighing smoothly opponent hit the face of Pacquiao Tencent in Las Vegas in November 6th (the Xu Sijia sports) the evening of November 5th, Chinese champion Zou Shiming will attack the world champion gold belt in Las Vegas, he had defeated the opponent is Thailand boxer Papom (name of Kun seven). This is Zou Shiming in the boxing Mecca Las Vegas debut in Las Vegas, but first landed here, Zou Shiming still showed great popularity. After the weighing, a Philippines fans for photo and Zou Shiming, all the way to follow. Boxing fans and Zou Shiming photo: are you Chinese? I would like to ask where Zou Shiming is. Is his weight over?" Weigh a finish, wearing the flag of Philippines fans at the door stopped a reporter kept asking the whereabouts of Zou Shiming. Is to Philippines and he is the pride of Pacquiao arrived in Las Vegas, there is another important purpose, it is to see China Muhammad Zou Shiming game. "What do I miss?! I like him very much!" To tell him Zou Shiming is weighing the leave the venue, the Philippines fans at his feet, he kept repeating this sentence. Fortunately, it is time to catch up with Zou Shiming’s team players from the field side of the channel weighing hurried by far, glancing at Zou Shiming back fans rushed through the crowd, all the way to follow the one hundred or two hundred meters, it finally saw the idol. Was stopped the footsteps of Zou Shiming has been smiling, in that the fans waited for a long time just missed the scene after weighing, kindly answer each other’s photo requirements. But the footsteps of Zou Shiming stopped immediately attracted a wave of fans in the country, the more people gather more, have come forward to ask for a signature, ask for a photo. In the wave of the "big run photo", in order to lose weight for several days without eating Zou Shiming shouted "feel shy, I’m hungry, want to eat!" This, the crowd slowly dispersed. After the conversation, the fans told reporters, because and Pacquiao belong to a company record plus during the Olympic Games, Zou Shiming in Philippines is very popular, there are a lot of fans love his technology, especially nimble footsteps and fast punches. What’s interesting is that he told reporters that there are a lot of fans in Philippines who know that Zou Shiming’s opponent is much more like Philippines’s proud Pacquiao than seven, but they are not interested in it. "Zou Shiming’s face looks much better than Khun’s seven!"相关的主题文章:

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