The Zunyi museum is the museum that has pornographic website alarm began on the evening of 18, a northern Guizhou "the Imperial Palace" the title of Zunyi city in Guizhou province museum "fire" a large number of articles, pictures discovered its official website photos, aroused public opinion hot on the internet. Many users guess, is poisoning the site, or edit the "handglide" wrong figure? On the morning of 19, "Beijing time" (micro signal: Btimedc) call the Zunyi Municipal Museum, the staff said, the official website of the outsourcing company operations, museum objects have been warning, the specific reasons still under investigation. Official website link directly to erotic website Zunyi museum website content screenshot. On the evening of 18, a lot of friends in micro-blog, WeChat and other social platforms circulated from a Zunyi city museum official website screenshot, a "Yang Gang" in the Ming Dynasty tomb unearthed pottery figurine information article is equipped with a "pornographic". Some netizens ridicule, the "figures" is really a museum is to fire. Art beats nature.! "Beijing time" (micro signal: Btimedc) subsequently found, "pornographic" spread first began in 18 21:00 or so, according to information released by users can be seen in the web page text information has not changed, the picture information into the same piece of indecent photos, click on the "the collection featured" Zunyi, the museum’s website to jump directly to the erotic website. Zunyi museum website screenshot. Staff: the site from the outsourcing company operation has an alarm on the morning of 19, "Beijing time" (micro signal: Btimedc) call the Ministry of education of Zunyi City Museum, a female staff said that the network management of the museum is outsourced to a company, the museum do not understand the relevant circumstances, the specific reasons still under investigation, "which is a specific outsourcing company, we disclose". The staff also said that before the museum’s website is, a few days ago received a notice of superiors, the site will be changed, may be a problem when the domain name switch". She said, now has to maintain the company shut down the web page, and we have the alarm, if it is the cause of the outsourcing company, the time will be explained to the relevant media." "Beijing time" (micro signal: Btimedc) found that the address of the erotic website jumped to. As of press time, the Zunyi museum website has been completely closed, the site links to the home page shows 404". According to the Guiyang daily article, Zunyi museum is the Museum of Guizhou’s largest and best conditions, covers an area of more than 14 thousand square meters, the exhibition area of more than 7 thousand square meters, a total investment of about fifty million yuan, the media will be known as the "the Imperial Palace of North guizhou". Beijing time original Sui Wenwen相关的主题文章:

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